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Our latest spots reel is online, including our original concept design and animation for Pretzamazings.

Crazybridge Studios Spots 2012 from Crazybridge Studios on Vimeo.

Work included:

Milky Way: “Out of This World”
2012 Telly Award Winner
Production Company: United Film House
Director: Blake West
Producer: Camille LaBry
VFX: Crazybridge Studios

Concept / Animation: Crazybridge Studios

Vick’s Dayquil
Concept / Animation: Crazybridge Studios
Sound Design: Tree Falls Post

Concept / Animation: Crazybridge Studios


On April 27, 2011, a giant EF4 tornado cut an 80-mile swath through the middle of Tuscaloosa, Alabama killing 65 people and causing billions of dollars in damage.  At its peak, the twister was 1 1/2 miles wide.  Tornado 360 follows the harrowing minute-by-minute experiences of some of those caught helpless in the giant storm’s path.  The graphics we produced for the special illustrate the peril facing the town that afternoon.

From the Weather Channel:

Cutting edge graphics and animations reveal exactly how a simple twist in the wind can grow into an EF5 Tornado – “The Finger of God” – and how a particular storm created four EF5 twisters in a single day… resulting in $11 billion dollars in damage.

The investigation begins in the moment a tornado supercell formed above Little Rock, Arkansas and continues through the series of twisters tearing through city neighborhoods in Alabama for hours… to the teams of volunteers providing support to survivors.

TORNADO 360 uses detailed computer graphics to examine every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime disaster.  We will zoom into locations directly in the storm’s path, then hear gripping accounts and witness first-person video from the men and women who met the storm head on.

Whether it’s the man who rushes out to save his neighbor… to a woman who holds onto her infants in a bathtub while her house disintegrates around her… we’ll discover stories of heroism in the face of the largest tornado outbreak ever recorded. Every angle is uncovered in TORNADO 360.

Tornado 360 is premiering as part of Tornado Week on the Weather Channel

Monday, April 29 at 9/8c and again Sunday, May 5 8:30/7:30c


Much of our work is in the world of non-fiction and documentary programming.  We’ve compiled some of the most compelling CGI we’ve created specifically involving living things for nature, scientific, travel, and true crime shows into one reel.

Crazybridge Studios Biology from Crazybridge Studios on Vimeo.

Work included from:

  • Life After People (History)
  • LA Forensices (CourtTV)
  • Will to Live (TV One)
  • Inside Extraordinary Humans (National Geographic)
  • Bird Island: The Story of Isla Rasa (Independent Film)
    Merit Award for Animation, 34th Annual International Wildlife Film Festival
  • Life After People (History)
  • Off Limits (Travel Channel)

Join geneticist Spencer Wells as he traces the origins of a fascinating and surprisingly recent development in human evolution: lactase persistence, the genetic mutation that now allows 1/3 of the world’s adults to digest milk.  Through genetics, archeology, and genealogy, scientists piece together the puzzle of our DNA and determine that the lactase persistence mutation appeared only 10,000 years ago — right around the time humans started domesticating cows.  This timing and the speed with which it has since spread through the population make it a remarkable example of genetic co-evolution.

“Got Lactase? The Co-evolution of Genes and Culture,” the latest short film for high school science students from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute is now online.

Watch it here. (15 minutes)

lactase1 lactase6 lactase5 lactase2lactase3 lactase4