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July 28, 2006

GLENDALE, CA –  Christopher Gaal, CEO and Founder of Crazybridge Studios has been nominated for two Emmy awards by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  Gaal is up for awards in the Outstanding Graphic and Artistic Design in a Documentary category for his work as Lead Animator on “Shootout! D-Day: Fallujah” and “Wild West Tech: Gadgets,” both for the History Channel.

“D-Day: Fallujah” tells the harrowing stories of Marines in combat during 2004’s Battle of Fallujah, featuring highly stylized graphical representations of soldiers and insurgents throughout the city streets.  Using over 20 shots of photo-realistic 3D animation, “Wild West Tech: Gadgets” explores the ingenious but quirky inventions that helped tame the American frontier.  “The challenge we faced with both shows was explaining a complicated situation or machine accurately and succinctly, but with real visual impact,” Gaal explains.  “That kind of communication carries over into all the work we do.”

The Emmy winners will be announced September 25 in New York City.